Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Let's Wiggle!!!

The focus of my learning for this post is that I wanted to create a google drawing. I really like using google drawings to get my ideas across about how I am feeling and what is interesting me when I draw. I hope you like this drawing as I completed it from an image I had in my head. If you have any comments please leave them for me to read.


  1. Tyler, you have some amazing ideas in that head of yours. I love the colour of the car and also how you made the road look so real. I hope you keep on drawing and put your work on your blog for others to enjoy. You are awesome!

  2. Tyler I love how your car looks so much like the real wiggles car. I love how you've thought really hard about what you wanted in your picture and how bright and colourful your picture is. Keep up your awesome mahi!